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LPTMS, Bâtiment Pascal № 530, Rue André Rivière
Université Paris Saclay, 91405 Orsay CEDEX, FRANCE
Tel: 0033 1 69 15 76 41

Researcher in Theoretical Biological Physics, I work in the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Statistical Models (L.P.T.M.S.) of the Université Paris Saclay. My interest is in the statistical properties of biological systems from the cell to the organism. I develop conceptual tools, theoretical models and data analysis methods to study fluctuations in biological tissues. I aim at inferring, from fluctuations, the cellular features that control the organization and the behavior of biological tissues, and at understanding how they contribute to the achievement of biological functions.

I'm happy to welcome students motivated by an internship in mathematical modeling of biological systems, as well as data analysis. Internship offers: