Numerous individual researchers in France and groups abroad are actively working at the interface between physics and biology, in fields that range from classical biophysical subjects, e.g., cellular and tissue mechanics, to more molecular ones, such as regulatory and signaling networks, their evolution, and systems biology. Quantitative methods are becoming indispensable for rationalizing and understanding these systems which are benefiting from an explosion in the quality and amount of data produced through omics and imagery. The field has broad applications, from fundamental life sciences to medicine, building on both intense modeling and computational methods which are the driving forces behind the necessary interdisciplinary work. In particular, concepts from information theory and statistical physics have been instrumental in the development of powerful bio-computational methods, e.g., in genomics, population genetics and systems biology. The highly active and international nature of this field as well as its emergence in France makes it appropriate to bring the best of this research community for a top level conference at the University of Paris-Sud 11.

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