10th September 2018 : 2 postdocs – UCSB

Dear Colleagues:

I have just relocated to the Physics Department at the University of
California Santa Barbara and I have two postdoctoral openings. I am
looking for outstanding and independent young scientists with broad
background in nonequilibrium statistical physics, soft matter or
biological physics, and strong computational and analytical skills. The
specific projects for each position are:

1.Simulations and continuum theories of active and driven systems,
including bacterial suspensions, active liquid crystals and active
colloids: rheology and mechanics of active matter, pattern formation and
topological defects in active fluids and gels, models of active
particles with internal degrees of freedom and feedback.

2.Understanding how the material properties of 2D tissue layers control
morphogenetics processes leading to 3D shapes. This project is part of a
collaboration with Mark Bowick and the experimental groups of Sebastian
Streichan and Zvonimir Dogic. It will involve a combination of
simulations of mesoscopic models, such as vertex or active tension
network models, and studies of continuum models of active viscoelastic
sheets. Experience with finite element method is desirable, but not

To apply for one of these positions, an interested applicant should
forward a CV and three letters of reference to _cmarchetti@ucsb.edu
_ with subject line: 2018 postdoc. Both
positions can start as early as Fall 2018 and are for one year, with the
intention of renewal for a second and a third year, subject to good
performance and mutual satisfaction.

Thank you for circulating this announcement.

Cristina Marchetti
M. Cristina Marchetti
Physics Department
University of California Santa Barbara

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