15th October 2021 : Postdoc Computational Theoretical Physics in Roma, Italy

I have an in my group in Computational Theoretical Physics at the  Science Department of the University of Roma Tre for a 3 years researcher position on the topic “Design of smart polymeric adsorption at the nanoscale”. The application process is currently open and the window will close on the 20th of October and the starting day for the position is 1st of January 2022. The research will be focused on the theoretical and computational design of smart  functionalised (polymeric) material at the nanoscale, that will be designed to selectively adsorb and remove specific contaminants (such as heavy metals) from aqueous solutions. Please email me for details on the application process: barbara.capone@uniroma3.it

From Barbara Capone <barbara.capone@uniroma3.it>

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