1st September 2019 : Brandeis MRSEC Computational physics fellowship to study active matter

Dear Colleagues,

Would you please forward this postdoctoral fellowship opportunity to
anyone whom you think might be interested?

Thank you and warmest regards,
Mike Hagan

*Brandeis MRSEC Computational physics fellowship to study active matter*

A postdoctoral fellow position to study active matter as part of the
Brandeis MRSEC ( http://www.brandeis.edu/mrsec/ ) is currently
available.  The postdoc will work with the groups of Michael Hagan and
Aparna Baskaran, in close collaboration with the experimental groups of
Seth Fraden and Guillaume Duclos in the department to understand the
striking phenomena and dramatic new physical behaviors observed in
far-from-equilibrium materials such as mixtures of microtubules, motor
proteins, and ATP. There will also be ample opportunities to interact
with other experimental and theoretical soft matter and biophysics labs
at Brandeis. One objective of the position will be to guide experimental
development of closed-loop control systems that drive active matter into
particular emergent behaviors. Thus, the position will require expertise
in, or willingness to learn, optimal control theory and data-driven
control approaches. The ideal candidate would also have experience in
performing large-scale simulations on either particle-based models,
continuum models or hybrid models, an interest in non-equilibrium
statistical mechanics, and a PhD in condensed matter physics,
engineering, biophysics, theoretical or computational chemistry, or a
related field.

*To apply, please send a CV, a brief summary of your research
accomplishments, and a brief statement of your research interests to*

Brandeis University is an equal opportunity employer, committed to
building a culturally
diverse intellectual community and strongly encourages applications from
women and

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