20th September 2018 : PhD e postdoc job posting

Dear colleagues,

I just opened PhDand postdoc positions at the Max Planck Institute for
Intelligent Systems in Tubingen, starting date early 2019.
I’m looking for candidate profiles with a strong background in
statistical physics and interested in applications in computer science,
so I’m reaching out to ask if you know any possible candidate and if you
can please spread the word to other collaborators that might know
interested students.

Please refer them to this link for further info:http://www.cdebacco.com/

I also welcome master degree thesis with the possibility of co-advising
through the Max Planck Insitute. In particular, we have funding to
finance a monthly salary to women candidates, so if you know any
interested candidate please put them in contact with me


See Attachement : inference_PhD.pdf

See Attachement : optimization_PhD.pdf

See Attachement : postdoc.pdf

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