22nd November 2019 : Post-doc positions « networks and complex systems » at Northwestern, Evanston, USA

The lab of Professor István Kovács in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at
Northwestern University is looking for postdoctoral associates in the areas of complex
systems, statistical physics, network science, systems biology and heterogeneous
quantum systems. We are seeking motivated individuals with a strong quantitative
background with a PhD in physics, mathematics, computer science, bioinformatics
or a related field. The ideal candidate has experience in at least one of the following
fields: renormalization group techniques, Monte Carlo methods, information theory,
the theory of disordered systems, systems biology, neural networks or graph theory.
More details at: https://netscisociety.net/jobs/940cbab8-d175-4e02-bf17-e35c3e17041a

From: Istvan Kovacs <istvan.kovacs@northwestern.edu>

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