23rd February 2020 : Postdoc- theoretical/computational biophysics – UCLA

Dear colleagues,

I have an immediate postdoc opening in my group in the physics
department at UCLA. The start date can be as early as appropriate.
An ideal candidate should have quantitative training and experience
with/strong interest in biological systems. The successful candidate can
choose to work on the biophysical and evolutionary basis of immune
sensing and decision, or eco-evolutionary steering of evolving systems,
from the standpoint of statistical physics; we like to learn design
principles in diverse systems that explore and exploit changing

I am attaching an ad with further information about the position. I
would be very grateful if you can forward it to anyone who might be
interested. Thank you.


Shenshen Wang
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of California, Los Angeles
475 Portola Plaza, Knudsen Hall 3-128
Los Angeles, CA 90095
e: shenshen@physics.ucla.edu p: 310-825-8562
w: http://shenshen-wang-group.physics.ucla.edu/

See Attachement : biophysics postdoc_Shenshen Wang group at UCLA.pdf

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