24th March 2019 : Postdoc – Soft Matter/Biophysics/Biological Physics – Duke University.


Applications are requested for a postdoctoral research associate to work
in collaboration with the cellular biology group of Michel Bagnat
(https://www.cellbio.duke.edu/michel-bagnat) and the soft matter group
of Patrick Charbonneau (https://chem.duke.edu/labs/charbonneau), both at
Duke University.

The project will focus on developing basic physical models of epithelial
and other tissues that surround the notochord in zebrafish. The work,
which is part of an ongoing multi-disciplinary collaboration, combines
in vivo work in zebrafish with computational and theoretical modeling to
understand two morphogenetic events following basic physical principles:
1-the emergence of segmented domains within the epithelial tube that
surrounds the notochord; 2-the formation of a single lumen in a tube.
The postdoc is expected to actively collaborate with members of the two
research groups, and is expected to participate in relevant local,
national, and international scientific events.

Candidates should have a PhD in Soft Matter Physics, Biophysics, or
related fields, with some experience in statistical mechanics and
computer programming. The start date should (ideally) be between July
2019 and December 2019.

Applications must be made by sending a letter of presentation and a
detailed CV, and by arranging for at least two letters of reference to
be sent to: michel.bagnat@duke.edu
Thanks for your consideration.
Michel Bagnat
Patrick Charbonneau

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