25th September 2020 : Post-doc position opened in CNR, Rome, Italy

The Laboratory of Agent Based Simulation (LABSS-CNR) is opening a 2-year
post-doc position investigating the role of social norms in the spread of
misinformation about the Covid pandemic in online communities. Specifically,
we are interested in understanding the extent to which social norms are acting
as obstacles to consensus formation and their potential role as catalyst of behaviour
change in social platforms (e.g., Twitter).  The study is part of a EU-funded research
and will be done in collaboration with the Complex Multilayer Networks (CoMuNe)

Research Unit of Fondazione Bruno Kessler. It will adopt a multidisciplinary
approach that combines big data, complex systems, online surveys, experiments
and social simulations. We are looking for highly motivated scholars with expertise
in computational social sciences and/or sociophysics, interested in applications
to behavioural science, and with knowledge of statistical analysis tools.
From: Daniele Vilone <daniele.vilone@gmail.com>

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