26th October 2018 : Assistant Professor Position – Statistical Physics – Paris

Dear colleagues,

we inform you of the opening of an *assistant professor position* in
september 2019  in the LPTMC (https://www.lptmc.jussieu.fr/) , in
Sorbonne Sciences University in Paris.

_Title and summary:_

*Statistical physics of out-of-equilibrium systems*

The statistical physics of out-of-equilibrium systems is an active field
of research, spanning multiple length
and time scales. Examples include dissipative systems, glasses, active
matter, living systems. The position is
open to theorists using either analytical or numerical methods.

(full profile attached)

Candidates should be able to *teach* undergraduate and master physics
classes *in French*.

The applications are open. To apply, please contact Annick Lesne
(lesne@lptmc.jussieu.fr) and Bertrand Delamotte
(delamotte@lptmc.jussieu.fr), the director of the lab.


Hélène Berthoumieux

Hélène Berthoumieux,
Sorbonne Université

See Attachement : profil-poste-MCF-2019.pdf

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