27th November 2020 : Research Assistant (PhD or Postdoc) in Theory of Soft Matter – University Magdeburg, Germany

Dear Students, Postdocs, Colleagues:

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany, offers a position as a
Research Assistant (PhD student or postdoc) in our group « Theory of Soft
Matter / Biophysics », funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

We mainly envisage theoretical-analytical and numerical research work on
coupling elasticity, internal interactions, dynamics, and additional,
e.g., thermal effects. The focus is put on soft elastic or viscoelastic,
possibly actuatable and activatable thin films, sheets, membranes and
related systems as well as their properties. Such systems are both of
technical and of biological relevance.

Please find further details in the attached advertisement and/or
following the link:


The English version of the text is listed below the German version.

Applications need to be submitted via an online platform. Please follow
the link on the bottom right on the webpage mentioned above (language
can be selected on the bottom right on the webpage that then opens).

With best regards,

Andreas Menzel

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