28th August 2020 : Post-doc position in Nonlinear Dynamics/Statistical Physics at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

The project is on transient processes and rare events in complex systems,
related to evolutionary game theory and heteroclinic dynamics. The focus
is on the prediction of transient phenomena such as spatio-temporal
pattern formation. Patterns range from temporal sequences of excitations
in neural networks to self-organized spatial segregation and the formation
of temporary alliances between species in ecological or social systems,
including extinction events, whose risk for occurrence should be analytically
estimated. Possible applications refer in particular to cognitive dynamics,
with transient heteroclinic processes being coupled and going on in parallel.
Very good programming skills and expertise with analytical calculations are
required. Experience in bifurcation analyses and large deviation theory is

desirable. The position is for 2 years with a possible start by the end of this year

From: « Meyer-Ortmanns, Hildegard » <h.ortmanns@jacobs-university.de>

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