29th November 2019 : EMBL-Australia Group Leader Position, UNSW, Sydney

New group-leader position being advertised by the University of New South Wales (UNSW),
Sydney.  The position is funded as part by the prestigious EMBL-Australia programme,
aimed at early or early-to-mid career researchers, and provides generous salary and
group funding for a 9 year period (implemented as 5+4 years with a mid-term review).  
The remit of the call is broad, and encompasses both physicists (theoretical & experimental)
and applied mathematicians, so long as research outcomes are focussed squarely on Biology.  
Questions: Richard Morris <richardgmorris@gmail.com> or Katharina Gaus (k.gaus@unsw.edu.au).
Deadline 9th Jan 2020

From: Richard Morris <richardgmorris@gmail.com>

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