2nd October 2020 : Postdoc – theoretical biophysics – Technion & MPI Göttingen

*Post-doc position in theoretical biophysics, Technion, Israel*

The Biophysics Theory Group at the Technion is offering a post-doc position
available starting Oct 2020. General areas of research in the group include:
Microbial populations – phenotypic variability, inter-cellular interactions,
Spatio-temporal population dynamics and evolution; Adaptation and learning
with cellular networks – exploratory adaptation under stress,  effects of
topology and other regulatory network properties on primitive learning,
applications to cancer and differentiation; Synaptic fluctuations – their
statistical properties and implications to learning. The group is part
of the
interdisciplinary Network Biology Research Lab, and maintains close
collaboration with several experimental groups in Israel and abroad.
Candidates are expected to have a PhD in the exact sciences (Physics, Math,
Computer Science, Engineering), and a keen interest in biology and
complex systems. See http://biophysics.net.technion.ac.il/

From: Naama Brenner, nbrenner@technion.ac.il

*Open Postdoc positions in theoretical and computational biophysics at the
Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gottingen, Germany
The Department of Theoretical and Computational Biophysics is looking for
people interested in contributing to following projects: Theory and
for Structure Determination from Ultrafast Single Molecule X-FEL
Diffraction or
Fluctuation-Correlation X-Ray Scattering. The aim of both projects is to
Bayesian or Deep Learning methods to obtain high-resolution molecular
and dynamics from sparse and noisy experimental data. We also have openings
for exciting MD projects on: Ribosomal Translation: Molecular Mechanisms and
Antibiotics; Statistical Mechanics and Function of Intrinsically
Disordered Proteins; Optimal Free Energy and Entropy Calculations;
Markovian Free Energy Models
of F-ATP Synthase Function; Fast Multipole Based Constant pH Methods.
The successful candidate has a keen interest and strong skills in
biomolecular physics, skills in structural biology, statistical
mechanics, and scientific
computing, and a strong interest in interdisciplinary research and
with experimental groups. You should hold a PhD or equivalent degree in any
of these or a related field. The position is limited to two years with a
of extension. Payment and benefits are based on the TVoD (wage agreement
for public service employees) guidelines. The starting date is flexible.
The group
language is English, so no German language skills are required – but
it’s a great
opportunity for you to learn German! Please visit the department website
for further
details: https://www.mpibpc.mpg.de/grubmueller

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