30th June 2023 : Postdoc – theoretical soft and biological physics – Weizmann Inst.

Postdoc  in theoretical soft and biological physics group of Prof. Sam
Safran, Dept. Chemical and Biological Physics, Weizmann Institute of
Science Postdoc starting in fall or winter of 2023-2024 with expertise
in analytical theory of  soft matter physics approaches to biological
physics to perform theoretical research in biological physics related to
experiments of our collaborators, including phase separation in cells,
nuclear-scale chromatin organization, non-linear dynamics of
cardiomyocytes.  Our areas of interest are represented by the
publications on our Web
page http://www.weizmann.ac.il/fluids/SafranGroup/. Conditions of the
regular postdoctoral fellowship can be seen
at: https://www.weizmann.ac.il/feinberg/fellowship-aid/postdoctoral-fellows
Note that by Institute regulations, postdocs must have completed their
Ph.D. less than  5  years before the start of the postdoc position.
Special postdoctoral fellowships with an increased stipend are offered
by the Azrieli Foundation to non-Israeli postdocs who join the Weizmann
see: https://azrielifoundation.org/fellows/internationalpostdoctoral/
The Fulbright fellowship with increased stipends is available for US
citizens: https://fulbright.org.il/USPostdoc Please
email: sam.safran@weizmann.ac.il   with a CV, list of publications,
names of at least two referees and research statement.

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