30th September 2019 : Postdoc – Modeling evolution of bacteria in the gut – LJP, Paris

Postdoc position: Modeling evolution of bacteria in the gut (Laboratoire
Jean Perrin, Sorbonne Université, Paris)

Context and project:
The gut harbors a complex microbiota whose impact on our health is
currently being discovered. In particular, it can constitute a reservoir
of antibiotic resistance, both in humans and in farm animals. Indeed,
99% of the bacteria we carry are in our gut. When we take an antibiotic
treatment, it can promote the evolution of antibiotic resistance in
these bacteria. It is therefore crucial to understand how microbial
evolution unfolds in the gut. In particular, the gut is not a well-mixed
environment, and the transport of bacteria and their resulting spatial
population structure likely has a strong impact on their evolution. We
aim to progress towards a better understanding of bacterial evolution in
the gut by developing models of microbial evolution on graphs, and by
taking into account gut flow and gradients, e.g. of nutrients or drugs.
The recruited postdoc will construct theoretical models of structured
populations, combining analytical calculations and numerical simulations.

Practical information:
The postdoc position is funded for one year and should start in January
2020 at the latest. The recruited postdoc will be co-advised by Claude
Loverdo and Anne-Florence Bitbol. The project will be performed in the
theory group of Laboratoire Jean Perrin (http://www.labos.upmc.fr/ljp),
a dynamical and strongly interdisciplinary scientific environment, where
all researchers work at the interface between physics and biology.
Laboratoire Jean Perrin is hosted by Sorbonne Université, on the Jussieu
campus, right at the center of Paris.

How to apply:
The candidate should have a PhD (or have it completed before the start
of the position) in a relevant field, and a strong experience in
modeling. To apply, please send a CV and a cover letter describing your
interests and previous work to claude.loverdo@sorbonne-universite.fr

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