3rd September 2018 : Postdoc – theoretical/computational biophysics – ENS Paris

Dear colleagues,

We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher to work on a biophysics
project in Paris related to repressive and DNA repair foci in cells.
The project is in collaboration between theorists at the Ecole Normale
Superieure (Thierry Mora and Aleksandra Walczak) and experimentalists
at the Curie Institute: Judith Mine Hattab and Angela Taddei. The
project requires a combination of numerical and theoretical skills and
will require analysing real data.

The project concerns understanding the nature, formation and stability
of repressive and DNA repair foci in cells. It involves building
non-equilibrium statistical mechanics models and inference methods to
analyze single cell tracking experiments. We are interested in
figuring out the organisation and stability of these foci,
specifically testing ideas about liquid phase separation droplets.
Experimental data using cutting edge microscopy (PALM, single particle
tracking) are already available. The project is based on data analysis
and theoretical analysis.

For now the position is ~1.2 years but we will help candidates apply
for additional fellowships. The position could start as early as
September 2018 but possibly later.

Interested candidates should send their CV including publication list,
the names of people who can provide letters of reference and few
(really a few – not long letters) sentences about their past
experiences and motivation for this project to tmora@lps.ens.fr,
awalczak@lpt.ens.fr, judith.mine@curie.fr, Angela.Taddei@curie.fr.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 15th 2018. Applications received
before the deadline will be given priority.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Judith, Angela, Thierry and Aleksandra

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