4th October 2019 : Postdoc on Modeling evolution of bacteria in the gut, Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Sorbonne Université

Postdoc position: Modeling evolution of bacteria in the gut
Laboratoire Jean Perrin, Sorbonne Université, Paris

To progress towards a better understanding of bacterial evolution in the gut,
the recruited post-doc develop (analytically and numerically) models of microbial
evolution accounting for gut flow and gradients, e.g. of nutrients or drugs.
The postdoc position is funded for one year and should start in January 2020
at the latest. The recruited postdoc will be co-advised by C. Loverdo and A-F Bitbol,
in the theory group of Laboratoire Jean Perrin (http://www.labos.upmc.fr/ljp).
More information there: http://www.labos.upmc.fr/ljp/?jobs60

From: Claude Loverdo <claude.loverdo@upmc.fr>

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