5th April 2019 : 2 Postdoc openings | Theory of Biological Systems | Embl-Australia @ UNSW, Syndey

Dear Soft Matter Mailing List,

I am seeking talented and fun people to fill two postdoctoral vacancies
in my fledgling ‘Theory of Biological Systems’ group, part of the
EMBL-Australia programme at UNSW, Sydney.

Candidates should have prior expertise in either statistical mechanics /
stochastic processes, or theoretical soft-condensed matter physics (to
be interpreted liberally, encompassing both analytical and computational

Possible projects span a variety of scales, from sub-cellular molecular
signalling to membrane hydrodynamics & embedded proteins, endosomal
transport & intra-cellular trafficking, tissue morphology & rheology and
even collective animal behaviour and evolutionary game theory…

The positions are for an initial 1 year, with the possibility of
extension up to a maximum of 4 (!) years.  The deadline for applications
is the end of this month: *30th April 2019*.  Interested/potential
candidates are encouraged to get in contact, or alternatively check out
my web pages , those of EMBL-Australia
and both the departments of Physics
and Single Molecule Science
at UNSW.  The application portal can be found
successful candidates are notionally expected to be in place by the
start of 2020 (visa complications notwithstanding).

Please do pass-on, share or distribute to any friends, students or
colleagues that you think might be interested!

Best wishes,

Richard G. Morris
EMBL-Australia Group Leader,
UNSW, Sydney,
NSW 2052.

Web: www.rgmorris.com
Twitter: @R_G_Morris
Mob: +44 (0) 7534 227 532

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