5th July 2019 : Postdoc, Institute for Complex Systems CNR, Rome

Postdoctoral position at the Institute for Complex Systems
CNR, Rome (Italy).
The ideal training is in statistical physics. The research will focus on theoretical and
computational modeling of active transport of biopolymers across nano-confined geometries.
Other research topics will be in the field of granular and active matter and stochastic
thermodynamics, within the national project « Coarse-grained description for non-equilibrium
systems and transport phenomena (CO-NEST) ». The candidate will be involved in collaborations
between F. Cecconi, A. Puglisi, A. Sarracino, P. Politi and A. Baldassarri.
The position is for one year with automatic renewal for a second year following
satisfactory progress, starting in the fall 2019. Interested candidates should submit
their CV and a brief statement of research interests to Alessandro.Sarracino@unicampania.it

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