5th November 2021 : INFN pd-position (2 years) in Rome (INFN and Sapienza)

we are inviting foreigner scholars who would like to work in Rome or to italians that have been studying or working abroad for at least 3 years and would like to return for a position in Rome. The general theme is Inferential Methods for Complex Nonlinear Dynamics (from genomics to gravitational clustering). The band is made by I. Giardina and A. Cavagna, M. Viale, A. Campa, F. Cecconi, F. Sylos Labini and myself. The deadline is extremely close (9th of November). I strongly encourage those who are interested to apply for the position.see: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/19925

From Andrea Giansanti <andrea.giansanti@roma1.infn.it>

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