7th December 2018 : Postdoc at Technion / statistical mechanics

De: « Guy Bunin » <info.statphys@listes.ens-lyon.fr>
À: « info statphys » <info.statphys@listes.ens-lyon.fr>
Envoyé: Dimanche 2 Décembre 2018 18:15:41
Objet: [info.statphys] Postdoc position in statistical mechanics

The statistical mechanics / soft condensed matter group at the Technion physics department is looking for exceptional postdoctoral candidates. The group, consisting of Guy Bunin, Yariv Kafri, and Dov Levine, has a broad range of research
interests in systems far from equilibrium, including active matter, dynamics of interacting biological populations, and order and self-organization. We enjoy active collaborations with the strong experimental biophysics and theoretical hard condensed matter
groups in the department, and we encourage interactions.


Qualified candidates are requested to send a CV, a brief description of research interests, and three letters of reference to Yariv Kafri (yarivkafri@gmail.com).


Sincerely yours,


Guy Bunin, Yariv Kafri, and Dov Levine



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