7th February 2019 : Interdisciplinary PhD positions at CENTURI, Marseille

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to advertise PhD openings at the Alan Turing Centre for
Living Systems (CENTURI) in Marseille, France:

There are 14 openings for interdisciplinary PhD fellowships where the
students are co-supervised by several PIs, usually from both wet and dry

Moreover, I have two PhD openings in my new group in the field of
theoretical soft matter & biophysics.  Research topics include the
mechanical properties of biopolymer networks
(http://centuri-livingsystems.org/phd2019-01-2/) and self-organization
of biological tissue (http://centuri-livingsystems.org/phd2019-02-2/).

I would appreciate if you could forward this to potentially interested

Thank you and best regards,
Matthias Merkel

Matthias Merkel, Ph.D.
Centre de Physique Théorique
Alan Turing Center for Living Systems
Aix-Marseille Université

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