7th January 2022 : Postdoc – Biophysical modeling of PML nuclear condensates – Collège de France

*Post-doc position – Biophysical modeling of PML nuclear condensates*

*Team*: /Multiscale Physics of Morphogenesis @Collège de France

*Supervision: *Hervé Turlier, team leader

*Duration*: 1 year, renewable, starting from Feb/Mar 2022

This project aims to extend the theoretical framework of liquid-liquid
phase transitions to describe the formation of liquid condensates with a
core-shell architectureand their regulation by biochemical reactions.
The research will focus on the growth and coarsening dynamicsof PML
nuclear bodies, which are stress-regulated membrane-less organelles
controlling multiple biological functions in the nucleus, such as
metabolism or senescence. It will be performed in the theoretical
physics team /Multiscale Physics of Morphogenesis /led by Hervé Turlier,
and in tight collaboration with the experimental biology team /Nuclear
Organization and post-translational control in physio- pathology /led by
Prof. H. De Thé & Dr. V. Lallemand at Collège de France, who are
worldwide specialists of the biochemistry and cellular biology of PML,
and its role in cancer.

See Attachement : Post-doc PML biophysics.pdf

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