7th May 2021 : Research Associate position (3 years) on Neuronal networks / Machine Learning – NEU-ChiP, Aston University, UK.

In the general areas of statistical physics, machine learning and Bayesian
inference, and their application to information emergence and learning
dynamics in structured neuronal clusters. This position will support the
project by enhancing our theoretical understanding of the emerging
information content within the neuronal cluster, through analysis and
modelling, and in devising training methodologies for given data. While
the main thrust of the work will be carried out within the Mathematics
group and with Professor Saad, the position is part of the international
EU-funded programme grant NEU-ChiP; hence, a significant level of
collaboration within Aston and with external partners across Europe is
expected. Further details on the position and the collaborative
NEU-ChiP project can be found on https://jobs.aston.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=R210127 Closing date for applications: 1 June 2021.

From: David Saad <d.saad@aston.ac.uk>

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