9th February 2019 : Postdoc stochastic multiscale modeling at UC Merced

Postdoc position (in stochastic multiscale modeling) at the University of California, Merced
in Professor Changho Kim’s research group.

The postdoctoral scholar will perform research in stochastic multiscale modeling of multiphysics
problems at small scales. For processes occurring in molecular systems (e.g. mass/momentum
/heat/charge transport and reactions), the researcher will derive and analyze stochastic
formulations, and develop and implement numerical methods. PhD in the fields of computational
science and engineering is required with experience in molecular dynamics simulations as well
as a sound understanding of continuum descriptions (i.e. PDE descriptions) and/or stochastic mesoscopic descriptions.

Interested candidates should contact Changho Kim at ckim103@ucmerced.edu and/or apply at https://aprecruit.ucmerced.edu/JPF00748

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