Assistant professor position 2018

Statistical Physics and Modelling : classical and quantum aspects

An assistant professor position will presumably be open in 2018, with competition taking place during the spring.


The candidate will teach at all University levels. He/She will take part in the undergraduate physics program, and possibly in other programs such as mathematics, informatics, or biology and chemistry. More specifically, the settlement of Ens Paris-Saclay on campus and the rise of mixed mathematics-physics curricula go with enhanced needs of physics teaching. In addition, the selected person will have the opportunity to get involved into the newly reorganized Physics of Complex Systems Masters. A significant experience in teaching during doctoral and/or post-doctoral studies will be appreciated.

Research activities

LPTMS aims at developing its activities, from applications of statistical physics in condensed matter physics in a broad sense, to new directions that are currently being investigated at the interface with mathematics, chemistry, information theory or biology. The candidate is expected to have a strong background in theoretical physics, and to be able to interact with one or several teams at LPTMS. A good knowledge of computational physics will be an advantage. The position will integrate the future Centre de Physique Matière et Rayonnement (CPMR) of the Paris-Saclay University, a joint program of 5 laboratories LPS-LAC-FAST-ISMO-LPTMS. The relocation of LPTMS within the premises of CPMR in November 2018 is an important perspective and an interest in experimental questions will thus be appreciated.

Candidates are expected to have a good command of French language. Besides, they should be beforehand qualified by the CNU. The deadline to initiate the qualification procedure is Oct 24 2017, see

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