On a dynamical model of glasses

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud 1, Alain Comtet 2, 3, Cecile Monthus 2, 3

Journal de Physique I 5 (1995) 1521-1526

We analyze a simple dynamical model of glasses, based on the idea that each particle is trapped in a local potential well, which itself evolves due to hopping of neighbouring particles. The glass transition is signalled by the fact that the equilibrium distribution ceases to be normalisable, and dynamics becomes non-stationary. We generically find stretching of the correlation function at low temperatures and a Vogel-Fulcher like behaviour of the terminal time.

  • 1. Service de physique de l’état condensé (SPEC),
  • 2. Division de Physique Théorique, IPN,
    Université Paris XI – Paris Sud
  • 3. LPTPE,
    Université Paris VI – Pierre et Marie Curie
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