Rheological properties for inelastic Maxwell mixtures under shear flow

Vicente Garzo 1, Emmanuel Trizac 2

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 165 (2010) 932-940

The Boltzmann equation for inelastic Maxwell models is considered to determine the rheological properties in a granular binary mixture in the simple shear flow state. The transport coefficients (shear viscosity and viscometric functions) are {\em exactly} evaluated in terms of the coefficients of restitution, the (reduced) shear rate and the parameters of the mixture (particle masses, diameters and concentration). The results show that in general, for a given value of the coefficients of restitution, the above transport properties decrease with increasing shear rate.

  • 1. Departamento de Fisica,
    Universidad de Extremadura
  • 2. LPTMS,
    University Paris Sud
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