SU(3) and SU(4) singlet quantum Hall states at $\nu=2/3$

Fengcheng Wu 1 Inti Sodemann 1 Allan H. Macdonald 1 Thierry Jolicoeur 2

Physical Review Letters, American Physical Society, 2015, 115, pp.166805

We report on an exact diagonalization study of fractional quantum Hall states at filling factor $\nu=2/3$ in a system with a four-fold degenerate $n$=0 Landau level and SU(4) symmetric Coulomb interactions. Our investigation reveals previously unidentified SU(3) and SU(4) singlet ground states which appear at flux quantum shift 2 when a spherical geometry is employed, and lie outside the established composite-fermion or multicomponent Halperin state patterns. We evaluate the two-particle correlation functions of these states, and discuss quantum phase transitions in graphene between singlet states with different number of components as magnetic field strength is increased.

  • 1. The University of Texas at Austin [Austin]
  • 2. LPTMS – Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Modèles Statistiques
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