Quantum Seminar du LPTMS: Han Ma (Perimeter Institute)


13:45 - 14:45

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Renormalization group for metals: application to Fermi liquids and experimental consequences

Han Ma (Perimeter Institute)

Metals, commonly found in various quantum materials, are characterized by the presence of Fermi surfaces, where all zero-energy modes contribute to the low-energy dynamics. In this talk, I will present our recent work on the simplest metallic state, the Fermi liquid phase, from the RG perspective. The novel functional framework enables us to capture the non-trivial RG flow around the Fermi liquid fixed-point and uncovers the collective modes and Fermi liquid instabilities. I will also discuss our study on the Fermi liquid with non-circular Fermi surface, especially on the collective modes associated with the inflection points.


The seminar will be broadcasted via Zoom

Meeting ID: 996 1996 6409
Passcode: 4kbEd6




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