Modern trends in closed and open quantum systems


13:15 - 18:00

Type d’évènement

A welcome workshop for Davide Rossini (Università di Pisa and LPTMS, Orsay)

Monday, July 1 2019

Université Paris Diderot – Bâtiment Condorcet, 4th floor, Salle Luc Valentin (454A)

Free participation


13h15 – Welcome coffee break

13h45 – Davide Rossini (Univ. Pisa & LPTMS)
Discrete time crystal in a finite chain of Rydberg atoms without disorder

14h30 – Cristiano Ciuti (MPQ)
Quantum cavities: from vacuum manipulation to photon simulation of quantum materials

15h00 – Guillaume Roux (LPTMS)
Trapped interacting Rydberg atoms : cat states, thermometry and quantum transitions

15h30 – Coffee break

16h00 – Marco Schirò (IPHT & Collège de France)
Fluctuations Effects in Driven-Dissipative Quantum Systems

16h30 – Fabrice Gerbier (LKB & Collège de France)
Anomalous momentum diffusion of strongly interacting bosons in optical lattices

17h00 – Christophe Mora (LPENS)
Topology and strong correlation in twisted bilayer graphene

17h30 – Maurizio Fagotti (LPTMS)
The spectrum of the time averaged state in a quantum spin lattice system

Organizers: Leonardo Mazza (LPTMS) and Alberto Biella (MPQ)

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