Physics-Biology interface seminar: Debarghya Banerjee


11:00 - 12:00

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Odd Cosserat elasticity in active materials

Debarghya Banerjee (MPIPKS, Dresden)

Stress-strain constitutive relations in solids with an internal angular degree of freedom can be modelled using the Cosserat or micropolar elasticity. In the theory of \emph{chiral active} Cosserat materials one would find an \emph{odd} elastic term in addition to the usual Cosserat term in the constitutive relations. In this talk, I will develop a natural extension of Cosserat materials to include odd elasticity and discuss the phenomenological effects of these terms. I will discuss about static elastic properties of such a solid, where, we show that static response to vortical stresses lead to strains that depend on both the Cosserat and odd elasticity. We then compute the dispersion of linear solutions in these odd-Cosserat materials, where, we find the presence of \emph{exceptional points} in the dispersion relation. Finally, we show the effect of Cosserat and odd elastic terms on the polarization of Rayleigh edge waves.

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