Séminaire du LPTMS : Francesca Pietracaprina (Trinity College Dublin)


11:00 - 12:00

LPTMS (100% online seminar)
LPTMS - Bâtiment Pascal n° 530 rue André Rivière - Université Paris-Saclay, Orsay, 91405

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Many-Body Localization in 2D and constrained models

Francesca Pietracaprina (Trinity College Dublin)

Online seminar — ZOOM Meeting ID: 955 7840 0964 — Password: ask L. Mazza and D. Petrov —

Many-body localization is a way to break ergodicity, thermalization and transport in disordered and quasiperiodic interacting quantum systems. The existence of a many-body localization transition in 2D systems is an open question that is being addressed experimentally, theoretically and numerically. In this talk, I will show some recent numerical results for a model whose features make it especially accessible to exact diagonalization. We numerically study the possibility of many-body localization transition in a constrained system: a disordered quantum dimer model on the honeycomb lattice. By using the peculiar constraints of this model and state-of-the-art exact diagonalization and time evolution methods, we probe large two-dimensional systems of up to N=108 sites.

F Pietracaprina and F Alet, SciPost Phys. 10, 044 (2021)
C Chiaracane, F Pietracaprina, A Purkayastha and J Goold, arXiv:2101.01111 [cond-mat.dis-nn] (2021)

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