Séminaire du LPTMS: Yacine Ikhlef


11:00 - 12:00

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Three-point functions in the fully packed loop model on the honeycomb lattice

Dr. Yacine Ikhlef (LPTHE)

The Fully-Packed Loop (FPL) model on the honeycomb lattice is a critical model of non-intersecting polygons covering the full lattice, and was introduced by Reshetikhin in 1991. Using the two-component Coulomb-Gas approach of Kondev, de Gier and Nienhuis (1996), we argue that the scaling limit consists of two degrees of freedom: a field governed by the imaginary Liouville action, and a free boson. We introduce a family of three-point correlation functions which probe the imaginary Liouville component, and we use transfer-matrix numerical diagonalisation to compute finite-size estimates. We obtain good agreement with our analytical predictions for the universal amplitudes and spatial dependence of these
correlation functions. Finally we conjecture that this relation between non-intersecting loop models and the imaginary Liouville theory is in fact quite generic. We give numerical evidence that this relation indeed holds for various loop models.

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