Installing mini-conda

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To use numpy library and other common Python libraries install anaconda into your home directory (here we download the pyton3 latest version, you may check the repository webpage for other versions):

wget -O
chmod +x
./ -b
export PATH=~/miniconda/bin:$PATH
conda update --yes conda
conda create --yes -n dev pip scipy numpy matplotlib hdf5 h5py ipython mpi4py jupyter

Attention: the "miniconda" name of the directory may vary slightly over versions, check it.

Then add this line into your ~/.bashrc file:


The following line activates the virtual environment named "dev", which effectively moves you to a new folder with its own binary files, compilers, etc. The line needs to be called before running a script using the virtual environment. The line can be put either into you .bashrc file or into the (.sge) submission script.

source activate dev

Now, virtual environment contains its own compilers.