15th March 2019 : Postdocs in theoretical evolution, Max Planck Institute for Maths in the Sciences, Leipzig

Postdoc positions in theoretical evolution at the Max Planck Institute

for Maths in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

Our group studies theoretical aspects of evolutionary dynamics from a range
of complementary perspectives, including physics-inspired scaling theories,
genetic algorithms and their design, and multiplicative stochastic processes.
The ideal candidates will have a strong background in quantitative biology,
statistical or condensed-matter physics, or evolutionary computing, and will be
bring expertise relevant to the problem of evolutionary predictability: what certain
evolutionary outcomes more likely that others, and how can we use data to predict

these outcomes? The positions will remain open until filled.
Link to apply: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/13413

From: Matteo Smerlak <smerlak@mis.mpg.de>

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