24th August 2021 : Postdocs – Biological physics – Princeton University

Dear colleagues,

We have begun our annual search for postdoctoral fellows, and are hoping
that you will bring these opportunities to the attention of potential
candidates. Our community provides a lively and interactive environment
in which to work on the physics of biological systems, across all scales
from molecules to ecology.  We have strong interactions between theory
and experiment, with many of the students and postdocs involved in these
collaborative activities.

All of these fellowship programs are searching for recent PhDs.  Fellows
are given a significant measure of independence, and are encouraged to
see the whole community of faculty as possible mentors rather than being
tied to a single faculty member.  We are always open to having the
interests of new fellows drive the emergence of new research directions.

*For theorists and experimentalists*

* *CPBF Fellows. *The Center for the Physics of Biological Function
, a joint effort between
Princeton University and The Graduate Center of the City University
of New York, is an umbrella program for our efforts in biological
physics.  Appointments are for three years, and applications may be
submitted here

Oct 1, 2021.

* *Lewis-Sigler Scholars.* The Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative
Genomics  aims to attract talented
early-career scientists interested in quantitative approaches to
biological systems. Appointments are for up to five years and
include the opportunity to teach in our multidisciplinary courses;
applications may be submitted here

Oct 15, 2021.

*For theorists*

* *PCTS Fellows. *The Princeton Center for the Theoretical Sciences
 hosts research on a wide range of
problems, including the theoretical physics of biological
systems. Appointments are for three years, and nominations may be
submitted here  by Oct 15, 2021.

*For experimentalists*

* *Dicke Fellows: *The Department of Physics sponsors the Dicke
Fellows in Experimental Physics
, across all fields
including biological physics. Appointments are for three years, and
applications may be submitted here

Oct 22, 2021.

With many thanks for your help,

Bill & Josh

William Bialek and Joshua Shaevitz
Co-directors, Center for the Physics of Biological Function

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