25th January 2022 : Independent group leader position at EPFL

Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to an *independent group leader
position at EPFL aimed at young PhD graduates*, called the ELISIR
program (EPFL Life Sciences Independent Research Scholar).
This year, we are seeking in particular nominations in the areas of
*theoretical biology* and *computational biology*, although all other
areas of the life sciences will be considered as well.

This position allows recent PhD graduates to lead their own research
program with a small team of scientists, straight after their doctoral
work. This is a non-tenure-track position that can be held for up to
five years.
More information, including how to apply, and a list of the current
ELISIR Scholars, is available at:

The deadline for application this year is *April 1st, 2022*. Candidates
should have earned their PhD degree by the time they begin at EPFL and
less than 18 months before the application deadline.

I would be very glad if you could transfer this ad to potential candidates!

Many thanks, and best regards,

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