25th November 2020 : Fwd: [soft-matter] postdoc position in « DNA Origami Supraparticles” at SISSA and Temple Univ.

Dear colleagues,

*A one-year postdoctoral position on « DNA Origami Supraparticles”*
*is available within a collaborative scheme involving SISSA (Trieste,
*and Temple University (Philadelphia, USA).*

The project, which is funded by Go-for-IT programme by CRUI, is aimed at
combining theory and experiment to realize self-limited assemblies with
DNA origami supraparticles.
The activity will be carried out in the groups of V. Carnevale at Temple and
C. Micheletti at SISSA and will involve ThirdLaw Technologies LLC, too.

Applicants are expected to have either a theoretical and computational
in soft matter systems or to be familiar with experimental techniques to
realise DNA

Enquiries and Applications should be sent by _*Dec 11, 2020*_ and
directed to
V. Carnevale (vincenzo.carnevale@temple.edu
),  A. Suma
(antonio.suma@temple.edu ),
or C. Micheletti ( michelet@sissa.it ) .

The selected candidate is expected to start the activity by Jan 31, 2021.

Kindest regards,

Cristian Micheletti

Cristian Micheletti
SISSA, Trieste, Italy https://people.sissa.it/~michelet

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