4th April 2023 : W2 open professorship position in Statistical Physics / Oldenburg

De: « Alexander Hartmann » <a.hartmann@uni-oldenburg.de>
Envoyé: Mardi 4 Avril 2023 10:25:49
Objet: open professorship position in Statistical Physics
Dear Emmanuel,

in case you have missed the job offer I have send to the Stat.Mech.
mailing list, I send it here, please distribute it to suitable candidates:

The Institute of Physics of the University of Oldenburg (Germany) has an
open W2 professor position (permanent) in Statistical Physics. The
candidate is expected to work mainly by analytical approaches in at
least one of the following research topics: Nonequilibrium dynamics of
complex systems; Stochastic processes; Statistical mechanics of information.

More details can be found at


deadline for application: 24th of April 2023.

best regards

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