4th March 2022 : Postdoc à Leipzig

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Subject: [gdr-mega] Postdoc à Leipzig
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2022 12:23:28 +0100
From: Philippe Biane <biane@univ-mlv.fr>
Reply-To: Philippe Biane <biane@univ-mlv.fr>
To: gdr-mega@univ-lille.fr


Je vous transmets une annonce de postdoc � Leipzig.

Bien cordialement,

Philippe Biane

Within the Institute of Mathematics of Leipzig University

Professor Alexey

Bufetov is looking to fill a postdoctoral research position

for up to three

years, starting in Autumn 2022. The position is supported by

ERC Starting

Grant 2021 « Integrable Probability »

The research focus is integrable probability in the wide

sense. Experience

in one (or more) of the following topics might be of help:

– interacting particle systems,

– random matrices

– models of statistical physics,

– asymptotic representation theory,

– algebraic combinatorics,

– random walks on groups.

The position carries no teaching load. The salary level is

TV-L 13.

In order to apply please do the following:

1) ( Required) Send a full CV to the address


Please include the phrase “Application to a postdoctoral

position” and your

last name into the subject field.

2) (Optional) You might arrange for several (from one to


recommendation letters to be sent directly to the address


All applications made before 25 March will be fully

considered. Late

applications will be considered if the position is still


For informal inquiries please contact bufetov@math.uni-leipzig.de

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