5th July 2019 : Post­doc­ (3 years) in mat­he­ma­tical phy­sics, Helsinki

Post­doc­to­ral re­searc­her (3 years) in mat­he­ma­tics/mat­he­ma­tical phy­sics
at the University of Helsinki
The Mathematical Physics group at the Department of Mathematics and
Statistics of the University of Helsinki invites applications for a
Post­doc­to­ral Re­searc­her for a full-time three-year position.  
The work will be conducted together with prof. Jani Lukkarinen as part of
the Matter and Materials profiling action, and its topics involve
mathematical kinetic theory and transport phenomena in solids.  The
deadline for applications is August 15, 2019, with starting date as
early as September 2019.  Detailed announcement and instructions:

From: Jani Lukkarinen <jani.lukkarinen@helsinki.fi>

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