LPTMS Internship proposal: Critical behaviour in the creep dynamics

We focus on the creep dynamics of a magnetic domain wall. Indeed, at tiny magnetic fields, the wall creeps only via thermal activation over pinning centers. A localized instability triggers a cascade, akin to aftershocks following a large earthquake in a compact active region. How large are these reorganisations? The goal of this project is to show that their size diverges, decreasing the temperature revealing the existence of a disordered, out-of-equilibrium critical point. In this internship we introduce a model for the domain wall and adapt the Dijkstra algorithm to study the creep dynamics.

The internship can then lead to a PhD project in collaboration with D. Vandembroucq (PMMH, ESPCI)

alberto.rosso[a]cnrs.fr or alberto.rosso[a]universite-paris-saclay.fr

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