Physics-Biology interface seminar: Frédéric Pain


11:00 - 12:00

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Assessment of optimal parameters for deep optogenetic stimulations in non human primate

Frédéric Pain (IMNC, Université Paris-Sud)

SPECIAL LOCATION (next door from the usual one)

Optogenetics has become ubiquitous in fundamental neuroscience labs as a very powerful tool to unravel brain networks connectivity and cellular mechanisms. Yet, its clinical translation requires a careful assessment of the inocuity of repeated and sustained high power light stimulations. In a preliminary studies to translational research in the field deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease we have studied in vivo in anesthetized rats the potential damages and non-physiological effects produced by high power optical neurostimulation in typical optogenetics experiments.2D Maps of light distribution and temperature increase were recorded in wild type anesthetized rats brains for relevant optical stimulation protocols used in optogenetics. The spatial profile of light distribution and heat were correlated and demonstrated as expected a rapid attenuation with distance to the fiber. Temperature increase remains below physiological changes for stimulations up to 400mW/mm².
I will present optogenetics issues in a clinical translational context.

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