Physics-Biology interface seminar: Gilles Charvin


11:00 - 12:00

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Single cell analysis of entry into replicative senescence in budding yeast

Gilles Charvin (IGBMC Strasbourg)

Budding yeast cells have an asymmetrical division pattern. Each mother cell produces a limited number of smaller daughter cells before entering senescence and eventually dying. The detailed mechanisms that govern entry into senescence in mothers and daughter cell rejuvenation are still poorly understood. In this context, we have developed a microfluidic system that lets one monitor the successive divisions of single yeast cells in real-time under the microscope. Using this device, we have revisited classical paradigms associated with the age-dependent control of cell proliferation in this unicellular organism. Our results indicate that cells undergo a sharp transition to senescence, which is not related to the the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential, as previously proposed. Other applications of our methodology to the study of senescence induced by telomeres attrition and in other cellular biology contexts will be presented during the talk.

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