Séminaire du LPTMS : Joachim Krug (Uni Cologne)


11:30 - 12:30

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Discrete and continuous geometry of fitness landscapes

Joachim Krug (University of Cologne)

Hybrid: onsite seminar + zoom.

Meeting ID: 971 1521 7092
Passcode: UKZV8d

Darwinian evolution is driven by random mutations and selection that favors genotypes with high fitness. Genotypes are commonly represented by bitstrings of length L. An overview of possible evolutionary trajectories is then provided by the acyclic oriented L-cube graph {0,1}^L with nodes labeled by genotypes and edges directed towards higher fitness. The same formal description applies to energy landscapes of spin systems. Some notion of curvature is necessary for a more complete analysis. For this purpose, Beerenwinkel, Pachter and Sturmfels (Statistica Sinice, 2007) have introduced triangulations of the continuous cube [0,1]^L that are induced by the landscape. Points in the continuous cube are vectors of allele frequencies, corresponding to the average magnetization of individual spins. The talk focuses on the constraints imposed by the triangulations on the geometric pattern of fitness peaks (metastable states), and is based on joint work with Kristina Crona, Daniel Oros and Malvika Srivastava.

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