Séminaire du LPTMS : Tomaž Prosen (Ljubljana University)


11:00 - 12:00

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Random Matrix Spectral Fuctuations in Quantum Lattice Systems

Tomaž Prosen (University of Ljubljana)

Hybrid seminar: onsite + zoom.
Zoom link: https://cnrs.zoom.us/j/97843053392?pwd=N2NYSUdsRFlvb1FpcVdtQU5aTmpSdz09
Meeting ID: 978 4305 3392
Passcode: 0X7Axi

I will discuss the problem of unreasobable effectivenes of random matrix theory for description of spectral fluctuations in extended quantum lattice systems. A class of interacting spin systems has been recently identified where the spectral form factor is proven to match with gaussian or circular ensembles of random matrix theory. The key ideas of novel methodology needed in the proofs will be discussed which are very different than the standard periodic-orbit based methods in quantum chaos of few body semiclassical systems.

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