23rd December 2021 : PhD programme at IST Austria, deadline Jan 8th

Dear Colleagues,

Happy holidays!

IST Austria is looking for PhD students to start in September 2022.
Prospective students should apply for the graduate programme, where they
do 3 rotations, before joining a research group. The deadline is*January
8th*, and more information can be foundhere

Below is a list of some some soft matter and biophysics focused groups
at the Institute, who might be of interest to soft matter-inclined
students. We would be very grateful if you could forward this
information to students who might be interestedin joining this
interdisciplinary institute near Vienna for their PhD.

All the best,

Bingqing Cheng,Computational Materials Science
 | Carl Goodrich,Theoretical and
Computational Soft Matter  | Edouard
Hannezo,Physical Principles in Biological Systems
 | Björn Hof,Nonlinear Dynamics and
Turbulence  | Jérémie
Palacci,Materiali Molli
 | Andela
Saric,Computational Soft & Living Matter
 | Gasper Tkacik,Information Processing in
Biological Systems  | Scott
Waitukaitis,Soft and Complex Materials
Carl-Philipp Heisenberg,Morphogenesis in Development
 | Michael Sixt,Morphodynamics
of Immune Cells

Dr. Andela Saric
University College London & IST Austria

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